Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cinta yang baharu!


Assalamualaikum and good day to everyone!
As part of my responsibilities  as a final year student, I need to update from time to time every single things I learnt during the Application of Matlab in Chemical Engineering. I had been introduced to this software sicne 2nd year 2nd sem during taking the numerical methods subject. Really loved that subject and the lecturer as well!!! But yet, I still didn’t know how to use this software because throughout the learning session, we just do the manual calculation for all the gauss siedel, newton raphson yada yada yada… only for completing the project for that subject, students need to use matlab. As usual, anything regarding software I would be the first raise up my hand to surrender including the time during 3rd 2nd sem we need to solve the PBL (problem-based learning) using matlab. I just let the man cope with it! Yeah!. (very frustrated and phobia since first year with any computer programming. I won’t forget u Mr. C++ programming!!!). ok,but now I choose this elective because I want to learnt and I want to nurture my soul that I can cope with MATLAB!!  Let’s begins the tutorial!

The interface of matlab is like this:

The opened windows is the command window. You can solve any chemical engineering problem using this software. Ok now, for the first tutorial I would to introduce how did matlab work. Lets begins with simple 1 plus one 1 question. Says that I wanted to solve 4000 divide by 34.
First, we need to define the value. Like this:

See the circled part on the bottom right of the windows, there are the command history where all value input were stored here. From the first class last time my lecturer says that matlab is very capital sensitive.  Take a look here:

Can you see the highlighted  sentence? Why its said undefined variable c? because in the previous value definition, I use the capital C not the small letter c. so, when I call c instead of C the system cannot solve. What is more interesting is my matlab version is the 2012 version, much more intelligent that the one is used in the computer lab. Because, could u see the sentence below the highlighted one, it tell the user suggested answer.  And next, if you want the answer to be very long or very short u can either do these:

Ok lastly for the first tutorials, how to clear all the value in this windows? Just type clc. Small letter clc ok! Then click enter!

So, it will look like this! See the command history, its still store all the things we do from the beginning. And please know that u cannot save anything or edit anything in the command windows. If u would like to do so, u need to use script. Then, paste it on the command windows since scripts cannot give u the answers. Ok. Next tutorial we would try to do some questions and try to use the scripts, Ok! Ok u ols, we’ll see in the next tutorials ya.~!

Hebat betul benda ni. Sangat complicated dan dia macam tau2 je kita perlukan apa untuk solvekan masalah kita. Anyway, tetap juga la yang mencipta software ni manusia. Dan kalau kita rasa software ni hebat, rasakan jugalah kehebatan Rabb kita. Pencipta kepada manusia yang mencipta software ni.

“sesungguhnya dalam penciptaan langit dan bumi, dan pergantian malam dan siang terdapat tanda-tanda kebesaran Allah bagi orang yang berakal” (QS: ali-imran:190)