Tuesday, October 25, 2016

On Contrary

It’s have been few days from the last posted article. Today, I wanna share how does it goes after things happened from the last recent article.

Last wednesday, Kak Sheeda and I went to Pengerang which takes almost 3 hours journey from our office. I kinda close with kak sheeda as if she is my blood sister. After all my sisters get married and lives so far from me and get too busy with their own lives, I met this married and having kids lady, Kak Sheeda. Since I met her so frequent, I found that it’s  a lil comfortable to share my personal issues with her.

While driving to pengerang, after get into Senai-Desaru highway, I began my story. I show her last article I wrote. She read it thoroughly. No words come out from both of us along the way she gone through the article. Then, after finished reading, she said these:

“ Aini, I don’t think that you have to go that far, which is you totally put and  throw k-wave things away.  I don’t see that k-wave is the major issue now. There’s nothing wrong if you still wanna watch the k-wave thingy. Yes, it is wrong when you spent lots of your time on those things and at the same time, you failed to fulfil your responsibilities as a daughter, as an agent, as a human what makes you. I personally feels that, you just need to reduce your addiction, and get to know your main problem and fix it! What it have to do with leaving k-wave thingy behind? Would you main problem resolve by doing that?

Actually, it were the society perspectives that all entertainment, especially Korean entertainment are all negatives. If people just let all the entertainment being the electronic entertainment, then, that’s the reason for many different of perspectives. For example, sports. People sees it as a positive thing. To get a healthy life, being responsible to your body. Then, that’s makes sports good in most of the people perspectives. Actually, for me sports are also an entertainment and it could be as negative as k-wave thingy. For example, if my husband go out at night after going back from work, play futsal with his fellow friends. Not even telling me when he gonna finish and let alone to ask me if I need a help or not to manage the family. Sports are good for everyone’s health. But, if it makes you neglect your responsibilities then, it is just the same with k-wave thingy then. Ain’t it?”

So, after the pengerang trip, I go back to ponder and to make introspection on myself. Ya, I got it. As long as you don’t neglect your responsibilities. As long as I met all the deadlines, as long as I do my working activities correctly, as long as I clean my room, wash my laundries accordingly, I pray on time, I wake up early in the morning, I recite Quran everyday, if all these things can be done, then my issues resolved. The main issues are time and emotions management. Be it with or without k-wave thingy, if the main issue resolved, then my life is just fine. I don’t need to throw anything or anyone that so precious to me.

And now, things getting better. Life get even more GREAT from day to another. I really wanted this to continue all along the way.

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