Thursday, July 20, 2017



Feels suffocated. I had a fight again with my father. He always act like he's the all good in everything. especially in things relate to religious. this really makes me hate him more. and every time i tried to be nice to him, he will always turn the situation into things i hate the most. Like, he wanted to be treated like a king in the house. I'm turning 27years old this year. and, i'm sick of staying with my father. i'm sick with all his endless discrimination. shall i list it down?

1- only me, who always disobey him all the time. do nothing good to him.
2- my younger sister is not working and she is 23 years old and use all of my father's money to get her things. or to pay for her expenses except for the insurance. I paid for my younger sister and even my dad's insurance. but, he never complaint her. plus, the bitch are really useless. give some house chores to her, she will only clean all the mess after a week? she is really useless
3- I paid for the house utilities bill, from the electrical to water bill and on top of that, our  cuckcoo water purifier as well. And, pay for groceries shopping. why didn't I get any acknowledgement? why i always get treated as a jobless and no income graduate? why i received this from my father? only because of i didnt become engineer but infact an insurance agent, so do i deserve all these?
4- My father can care so much and watch all his word with another useless bastard in this house. Jobless, involve with drugs, never do good things, dont take care his personal hygiene and his room, let alone to help doing house chores! he is just a complete bastard! but then, father can treasure him more that i am.

it's time to move out from this house. let's get a house now! I hope my loan can be approved soon. and i can walk away from this hell-like house.

Another thing, about my eldest brother. He really pissed me off. It is him who have a disease but, why is it only me who concern more about his recovery? He had this epilepsy since 21years ago. I wonder why my parents don't follow doctor's advises or are they even consulted a doctor for a treatment? All i remembered when I was young, they only seek for shamans as they believe it's a "someone deed". I really frustrated why he didnt get the treatment back days. If you cannot afford to take care of your child, why even bother to have child? Last 2months, I had suggested to my eldest brother to go seek for a neurologist. Go get consultation on what treatment should he take. But, until now, he never asked me about it. It's your problem. not mine! why don't you show some concern??!!