Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sangkar yg kau kata menyekat


"harry, come here.. i will open your cage, my sister wanna play with you" latifah take out the white hamster from the cage.

"you stay inside ron! just play there with all the wheels" samiah quickly push ron and lock the cage.

Harry were quiet big than ron even they born on the same day and from same genetic. At a glance people will thought that harry is a kitten due to his fat body. but yet, still the face are differ from cat for sure!

ron rebelled from inside the cage. he play restlessly and keep noising. he was too jealous with harry. why did people love him so much?

"i am a cute hamster instead!" ron screaming deep in his heart.

after latifah and samiah played with harry, they put him back into the cage and immediately go to the kitchen as encik soleh back from work and bring home a domino's pizza. they have fun that evening.

in the cage:

ron: you are very lucky most of the time.

harry: why u say that? weren't you feel the same? you are also lucky right to be existed in this world

ron: ya ya..but that's not my point. all this while i was just trapped here. inside this luxurious cage. look at you. every day latifah will play with you. bring you out from here. i know, it was very fun right to paly out there?

harry: hahaha.. oh, it jus that.. poor you ron.. but do't worry. tonight i will get you out from this cage!

ron: are you kidding me? how?

harry quickly bite the cage door which not being locked by the 2 girls! they forgot to lock it because very excited to enjoy the pizza.

ron: i'm free now! thanx harry!

harry: i will never let you frust my friend! now, lets go! lets play all around this huge house!

the two hamster run here and there in the house until they find a box. the box is not too high. They climb it and have a look inside the box. since there were never being outside the cage without tuan, so they were not realize any dangerous they gonna face. it was a cat which was just giving birth in the box! the kitten were white and black in colour. harry and ron quickly jump into the box to play with the kitten. but the kitten were not hyperactive as they are. so, the get bored and wanna go out from the box. as they get out, the mother kitten (the cat) quickly following them and at once, harry was caught by the cat. the cat bite harry's neck and bring him inside the box. harry keep yelling to ask ron to help him! but ron couldn't do antything. he was too afraid!

Harry's scream were no longer heard. " i'm sorry harry" ron was very regret and felt guilty. quickly he ran back to the cage and get inside.

in the morning:
latifah: eh kenapa sangkar ni tak berkunci miah?
samiah: semalam kan ko yang letak harry kat dalam ni. ko la tak kunci!
latifah: lupe. eh mana si harry ni? harry! harry! yang ron ni kenapa murung je? biasanya bukan main aktif lagi! pantang bukak sangkar mesti nak keluar. ni dah bukak taknak pula dia keluar

samiah: ifa!!ni ko tk dalam kotak ni!
latifah: sarah! sarah dah beranakkk!! ramainya anak sarah..yg putih ni comel! tapi kenapa yang ni macam lain sikit?
samiah: eh ko tengok betol2, tu bukan anak kucing, tu hamster! tu harry!!! amek cepat!
latifah: miah, harry da keras...tengok ni ada kesan gigitan kat leher dia..ni mesti kerja sarahh!! sarah ni!!! panggg! amek ko! ko ingat ni anak ko ke?!
samiah: dah la.. kesian sarah. dah takdir harry pergi..takpe kita ada ron..

moral of the story: sambung nanti la...

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adeq said...

haha oit, gile ap lempang kucing. x pernah dibuat org. kalau x suka kucing jangan bela la....

pecinta kucing marah nhe. huhu. saya akan terus membela kucing yang diania macam sarah nhe. - aktivis kucing.