Thursday, May 10, 2012

behind the velvet sky


you maybe see she smiling, but deep in her heart she was crying
you maybe think that her life is full of cherish but in fact it was devastating

she would be never be as strong that you think
she would be never be as cold-heartless as you always see

the tears rolling down and nobody would see it
keep it alone and none should knew it

dear, you are a human being
crying is not a criminal
cry at my shoulder
let it all out

you have me after all
can't you see from my eyes that i'll never leave you
can't you feel that my smile is transmitting "you need me dear"

everything gonna be better
you gotta be honest..
to yourself of course
you had wrongly took an action
and it's now ruined out your life
jeopardize your soul


you'd knew it now
where everything was started
and now, you know where should you go
what should you do next
 i pray that Allah would always guide you and me till
we both holding hands to jannah!

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