Sunday, June 10, 2012

End of the Insane!


Alhamdulilah, today at 12pm I had finished my critical final examination. For 4 days unceasingly all 3SKK”ian fight for the final which begins on last Thursday. I admit that this is the most unbreakable thing that we faced for the 3 years being here, as a chemical engineering student. It is not about the unceasing final that make me said so, y’know, this semester we ought to start our undergraduate project. Certain student will need to run their experiment in this semester, depend on their supervisor. And I am the certain! This semester also we had gone through the second PBL with 3 credit hours and also PBL for the lab! All together 4 credit hour. It was the most insane thing that makes me somehow crazy. If you ever heard Process Control and Dynamics, this is the PBL subject. I really hope that I could understand what did we learnt during group discussion through experimental presentation. Unfortunately, the lab also PBL! We need to prepare the procedures (I wonder why did the machineries didn’t brokedown @@##) , expected result, basically tabulate the table results’, and many things during the lab proposal week and run the experiment in the next following week using the proposal being made and presented in front of the lecturer. Of all experiment being conducted, I think I just only deeply understand the last experiment which is Programmable Logic Controller. And that experiment is the only one that did not covered in the PCD syllabus! Pffft!!!

So, this semester becoming even more difficult as time goes by. And what I really regretted is that until the final examination week, I still working out my undergraduate proposal! I only received my second draft for correction a day before my first paper started! On Wednesday, my senior text me. Ask to take my second draft and then correct it. I kept it for a day and focusing on my first paper next morning. After the exam, i spent my whole day to study separation II for the next day. And that night also my halaqah need to be held. So, that night after halaqah, I started to work out my proposal correction and email it to my senior. So, I just take a nap that day. I just can’t believe that I really did that! Friday is the final proposal due, and Alhamdulillah I had complete it successfully inshaallah.

Throughout of the semester, I found that all faults is on my chest. I should manage my daily schedule wisely  in the first place. and the most important is discipline! University is not the place for you to become a scorer in ur academic, but yet this is the place for you to develop ur public relation, ur attitudes. How u manage your life, make decision, deals with people. LEARNT THIS!

And now, academically, everything had ceased. But yet, my bustle life is not ended! It’s time for industrial training! Arrghh… can’t imagine, what are the challenges and reality of life out there! Thanks to Prof G that help me to seek for my internship place. It will begin next 2 week. On Monday 18! Now, I was packaging all my stuffs. Mom, I miss u so much! Can’t wait to see u tonite! Dad, I miss u more even much! Hehehee.. anak ayah in me speaking…


Azlina ishAk said...

"Carilah Dunia, seolah-olah kamu akan hidup selamanya, dan Beribadahlah kamu seolah-olah kamu akan mati esok hari"..

GMS said...

ikaa!! weh kenapa x reply sms aq? yup2 so true la apa yg ko cakap tu. that's so call seimbang kan.. sgt mendalam.