Friday, September 7, 2012

Cebisan Latihan Industri


I think everyone would wrote on this matter.. Internship. 12 weeks been here, i never wrote any posts regarding my internship since i felt that there's nothing beneficial to be shared on. But, later i thought that at least i would have some "eternal" memory if i wrote something about it. This entry just a random one. So, you shouldn't waste your time. Or maybe, later i would share something beneficial. wink wink!!

This company make the equipment for engineering teaching. So, my tasks here are to test some of the equipment in order to ensure that it can work properly as it arrive to the clients. It is not so difficult because there are a standard unit for each equipment which used as a reference. Besides, this is my first experience using the drilling machine, using the gum like the cement one, I know how to tighten the pipes, so if there's leaking happened in my house, so i can fix it! Thanks to all the trainee and fabricators whose taught me to do all those things. I think, i can list all of them here; hee.. 

shervain-notthingham Malaysia

Tiger, Danio, Tubi, Yong - LCE fabricators.

Since i have kak zakiah here to fill my emptiness (sadis gile) so we do share a lot of things. I learnt many things from her especially about tarbiyatul aulad. What i got from all her sharing really makes me to step on reality! Prepare myself to become a mother. It's not that easy to nurture your kids! You should start it from beginning. And I think that a good nurturing results from a good fulltime housewife. Spent a lot of the time with the kids. Fills all the time together with beneficial activities. Kak zakiah once said, "My kids like to loiter with his friends, seldom home. Since i put astro in the house, then he can stay most of his time at home. As long as he is in front of my eyes, so i feel relieve..." (translate btol 2 ni). But, i felt that what for he is at home watching tv and the tv program didn't gives him any benefits! Still not the best solution! So i found out that the quality time is very important! It your fault when your kids suddenly get stubborn, didn't listen to you, make his friends more important than you! Because you at the first place make them to feel that way when they were very young! It's ok, be patient a bit to nurture your kids. At the beginning of his age, you would need to spent a lot of time and efforts towards them. You would cries so many times because of them. But it is better to cry now rather than in future when they get teen or adults. Instead of just letting the kids to watch their favorite tv program without you, better you, as the mother sit together and give a soft touch to your kids. So that he would feel it is better to be home because there's you in the house to calm him. Not it is better to be home because there's tv! Until now i still try to nurture kids through my nephews. I want to learn how to nurture kids.

Next, I also do other engineers work, Mr Eng soon, Mr Poyo and Miss Paik shan. I share the experiment with other trainee. Also do the office work, ie printing, faxing, call suppliers bla bla malas nak layan. Ha that's all what i did all the while i been here. in Solution Engineering Sdn Bhd.

Not forgotten by lovely sisters,  Kak Hana, Kak Hanim, Miss Angie I'm gonna miss you all!!!


hana said...

love n will miss u to...
tq ats nsht serta jwpn ats kemusykilan dan motivasi yg ain brikan pd akk..
hope persahabatan kite akn kekal selamanye.. see u again dik...

talkinGmusiC said...

sama kak hana cantik!! akak, sume souvenirs kena simpan tau! klipkan depan pc..heee... inshaAllah see you again. hope dapat berseronok kat syurga! sayang akak selaluuuuu!!!

hana said...

insyaallah adikku yg comel lg cntik... akk pun syg kamu selalu...